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Coffee Machines that are configured as Coffee Vending Machines can make the best coffee!


No workplace in Australia should be without a coffee machine.

Coffee keeps you going! That first cuppa or 3rd gets the day started.  


Let us help you select the best coffee machine from a world renowned range of proven models to suit your needs and business size while keeping your everyday workdays completely productive!  

Your staff deserve the great taste and benefits of a good coffee.

The coffee vending machine will brew a fresh new individual cup of coffee on demand, ensuring the dispensed product is fresh and enjoyable. Every time!

We provide world class European and American coffee machines and coffee vending solutions from small offices up to large corporate business, as well as many other types of businesses like factories, workshops, taxi cab ranks, police stations and all service and hospitality type markets.


Don't get stuck with leasing or hiring a coffee machine ... only a mug would miss this offer!

A Free Coffee Machine for your Business ... for businesses that want a great coffee solution, without the servicing headaches.

We can take care of all of that.

From restocking, cleaning and refilling of the coffee machine as well as any issues or breakdowns - NO COST to you!

We can arrange to install one of our free, state of the art coffee machines today and you, your staff and your visitors can enjoy a free coffee machine service with award winning great tasting coffee with specially blended beans.  


Coffee Machines that are configured as coffee Vending Machines can make the best coffee!

Just put a coin in, press and a delicious espresso or café latte is there! Pronto!  


A real coffee experience and you won't believe how good the quality and taste of a coffee made from a "Coffee Machine that has been specially setup as a Coffee Vending Machine" is.

It makes it all for you!  


Coffee machines that are configured as coffee vending machines can make the best coffee - they have the ability to make and serve fantastic coffee such as espresso, café latte, cappuccino, long black, macchiato, hot chocolate, strong hot chocolate and chai tea all at the touch of a button.

The coffee vending machine will brew a fresh new individual cup of coffee on demand.

You and your staff will also benefit from the free supply of a coffee machine ... installation, free maintenance, quick attention to any servicing issues and a free demo from a pay per cup coffee vending machine.

No contracts, no service fees and no risk! offers many sizes of coffee machines to suit your size office or business.  


All of our coffee machines supplied by our operators will provide you with the following benefits:

  • A free coffee vending machine installed in your business

  • Your choice of coffee machine type (depending on consumption volumes, the number of staff and or visitors)

  • Choice of other flavours the machines can offer ... such as vegetable soup, chai tea, sumptuous hot chocolate ... as other options the coffee machine can make.

  • Free break down and maintenance service (any issues ... our owner operators are usually there within 4-5 hours) ... NO CHARGES or COST to YOU!

  • This FREE full coffee vending service is where staff or visitors pay for their drinks via a coin acceptor

  • Alternatively your business can be charged per drink instead. You can have a Subsidised System where the staff / visitors pay NOTHING ... but you will get the bill for it at the end of the month as a Statement / Tax invoice if you prefer ... we can discuss this with you.  


No hidden Charges or expenses - No capital cost - No risk - No Contracts ...


Our vending owners / operators can even provide you with a drink and snack vending option as well. ASK US How!!

A Vending machine that has drinks ,chips, and chocolates, meals, cookies, juices, soft drinks and more!    


COFFEE MACHINES SUPPLIED FREE OF CHARGE ... what are you waiting for? ... click on the tab at the top of this page "Register for a free coffee vending machine" and you're on your way!




That's right you can register to get a FREE Coffee Vending Machine and have FREE Coffee tasting

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