Employees Happier With Coffee Vending Solutions

Is your office crying out for a coffee vending machine?
Make your office more productive and your employees happier with coffee vending solutions.
These coffee vending machines provide your employees with a place to purchase hot coffee at any time that will fuel productivity.
By purchasing this type of coffee machine, it will help your workers avoid conflicts over the way the hot beverages are made by their co-workers or whose turn it is to make coffee.

If your staff room always has a sink full of unwashed coffee mugs, then a coffee vending machine might be the solution for you.
Conflict over buying supplies to make hot drinks will no longer be an issue.
When you choose a coffee vending machine for your office, you can often sign an agreement that will provide your office with an operator who will periodically come and clean and restock your machine.

When your employees are boiling a kettle to make their hot drinks, they could be wasting as much as 60 minutes per week waiting for the kettle to boil, cutting their productivity time considerably.
A coffee vending machine can dispense a hot drink in as little as 30 seconds, instead of a few minutes like a traditional kettle.

Not only do kettles take longer to brew your coffee, but they are also not intended for high volume use.
Because these kettles can't hold up to the kind of use they receive, they break quickly and have to be replaced often.
With the purchase of a coffee vending machine, you often get an agreement that will allow a service provider to come out and repair your machine if it breaks, at no extra cost to you.

Your kettle is creating higher electricity bills as well, because it is plugged in all of the time.
The machines that vend coffee today have high efficiency ratings for energy.
Your office could be saving hundreds of dollars each year when you unplug that kettle and plug in your new coffee vending machine.

Maybe you have an office snack and coffee bar that requires several employees to run and extra money to stock with items?
Why waste money paying employees to run a snack bar when you can plug in a vending machine once and have endless coffee for your employees.
Nothing says "professional" more than having a high-quality coffee vending machine in an office for prospective clients and visitors

And best of all when it comes to coffee vending solutions these coffee machines don't cost as much as you'd think.
With the help of cost-cutting solutions from your vending machine dealer, you may be able to provide quality coffee without inflating company costs.


Coffee Vending Solutions